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Check out these unique facts about the Left-handed people.

We live in a world were certain unlikely things happen but we do accept them anyway as there is often little or nothing we can do to change them most at times ,so far it doesn't create negative effects to lives in any way.

Left handedness is likely a condition in which a person or an individual is comfortable using the left hand for actions that are required and normally to be done with the right hand, these unique specie of people with left - handedness are inquisitively considered to be skillful and smarter. However there are some real facts about these set of people we definitely don't know , likewise most of them too , as no one knows all.

Here are some of these facts about left-handers.

#: Left - handers are nicknamed southpaws.

#: Approximately 12% of the world's population are left handed.

#:Those who are left-handed are more prone to ailments like migraines and allergies.

#: Most of those who are left-handed are insomniacs, meaning they suffer from inability or difficulty in sleeping.

#:Left-handed people tend to use the right side of their brain more.

#: The word left in English ,comes from the Anglo-Saxon word Lyft.

#: There are more left-handed men in the world than women.

#: Lefties are highly smart ,as some of the most popular inventors were Left-handed,like Benjamin Franklin and Isaac Newton.

#: People who are left-handed naturally suffers the effect of multitasking.

#: Left-handed people tend to attain puberty later than right-handed people.

#: Lefties are very good artists and mostly follow creative careers.

#: International left-handers day is celebrated on August 13.

#: Left-handed people need to cut their nails frequently,as their nails in the left hand tends to grow faster.

#: Four of the most popular US presidents were Left-handed.

#: According to tradition ,an itchy left hand indicates you will loose money and an itchy right hand indicates you will receive money.

#: People who are left-hand tend to get embarrassed and angry more swiftly and quickly than others at the slightest trigger.

#: In terms of sports, people who are good at tennis, baseball, boxing, swimming and fencing are more of left-handers.

#: Mental disorders are seen to be common among left handers.

#: Left-handed people have lesser risks related to ailments like ulcer and arthritis.

#: Left-handedness is observed to be more common in twins.

#: Forty plus aged mothers are more likely to give birth to left-handed babies.

#: Over 26% of the college graduates who are left-handed grow richer than the right-handed.

#: According to research, autistic people are more likely to be left-handed.

#: Left-handedness are many at times considered to be hereditary and a perfect example is the British Royal family where Queen mother,Queen Elizabeth ll , Prince Charles and Prince William are all left-handed.

#: Premature babies are more likely to be left-handed.

#: Some well known perpetrators of crimes were Left-handed,like Boston the strangler , Jack the ripper and Osama Bin laden.

#: Left-handed people have a greater sense of hearing.

#: The Bible mentioned the right hand almost 100 times positively and the left hand only about 25 times and all are negatively.

#: Lefties have also proven to be good fighters.

Hope you learnt a lot or few things about the left-handers.

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