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Meet The 6 Youngest Mothers In The World

For girls, an important aspect in puberty is mostly the beginning of menstruation. Some girls begin menstruating as young as 5 years old due to their bodies undergoing early puberty. This situation is known as precocious puberty.

Today, we will be looking at 6 Girls Who Got Pregnant below the age of 8.

6. Anna Mummenthaler: In 1700s little Anna was a patient of Dr. G. E. Von Haller in Switzerland. The little girl had her first period at the age of 2.

Anna ended up getting pregnant and gave birth to a full term baby at 8 years old in December of 1759.

5. Hilda Trujillo: Little Hilda was only 8 years old at the time. Hilda's mother suspected something odd about her daughter and took her to the doctor to get examined. The doctor revealed that this little girl was indeed pregnant.

4. In 1934 little Liza was impregnated by her own grandfather who was 70 years old at that time. Liza had a lot of difficulty during her labor but successfully gave birth. Age

3. Lina Medina (5 Years old): Little Lina was just 5 years old in 1934, when she complained of abdominal pains, she was rushed to the hospital, after careful examination was discovered pregnant.

She finally gave birth to a son in May of 1939. He was delivered via Caesarean section due to Lina’s exceptionally small pelvis.

2. Anna from Russia (8 Years)

She gave birth in April 2000 in Rostov-on-Don. Apparently, the father of the baby is their 13 year old neighbor who raped Anya and made her pregnant right after she had menstruation at a very young age.

1. Surprisingly from Nigeria Mum-Zi —, 8 Years and 4 Months

Mum Zi a girl from the Nothern part of Nigeria, menstruation came at an awfully young age, allowing her to bear a baby in December, 1884 for Chief Akkiri. The shocking case with Mum-Zi’s is that her daughter, Zi, also gave birth at a young age, and this made Mum-Zi, the youngest grandmother in history at the age of 17.

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