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6 Foods you should avoid consuming regularly when you are trying to lose weight.

There are foods that you consume regularly that makes you to gain weight rapidly. Too much fatty foods, oily foods and sugary foods are not good for you because they can make you become overweight. When you become overweight, the risk of having atherosclerosis, stroke and heart diseases will increase. When trying to loose weight, there are foods you should try and avoid.

Below are the foods you should avoid.

1. Sugary cereals.

Try and avoid consuming sugary cereals when you are trying to lose weight. This is because these cereals contain an high amount of sugar which could later be converted into fat. When you want to consume cereals avoid the refined and highly sugary ones. When you cut down your consumption of sugary cereals, you will tend to lose weight.

2. Diet Soda

When you consume diet soda regularly, it will tend to increase your weight. This is because diet soda contains sucralose, aspartame and other substances which causes weight gain and cardiovascular diseases. When trying to lose weight avoid you need to avoid consuming soda regularly.

3. Potato Chips and French Fries

These are junk foods that contains an high amount of saturated fats. A regular consumption of these foods can make you gain weight. When you want to lose body fat, then you will have to cut down your intake of potato chips and french fries.


When you consume margarine regularly, you are increasing the fatty buildup and calorie in your body. This can then make you to gain much weight and it could also increase your risk of having heart diseases. When trying to trim down, you need to avoid consuming margarine frequently.

5. Alcoholic drinks.

A regular consumption of alcoholic drinks makes you gain weight due to its high amount of calories. When you are trying to lose weight, you need to limit your consumption or avoid alcoholic drinks.

6. White Bread.

This is a common food that people consume regularly. The high amount of carbohydrate and calories present in white bread makes you to gain weight. When you wish to lose weight, you need to reduce your bread intake.

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