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For Women Suffering With Infertility, Self Fertility Massage Is What You Need: Here's How To Do It

Motherhood can be painful, and the fertility process is a no exception as about 10 in 100 women have reported to have ovulation problems. Well coping with the stress involved in infertility is never easy and of course it's the most physical and emotional challenge you’ll ever experience as it affects every aspect of your life and sometimes makes you feel helpless.

However, difficulties in conceiving can be a huge letdown and I must tell you that you’re not alone. Even most women spend early years of their lives trying very hard to avoid pregnancy, but when it's finally time for them to conceive, many of them are surprised and highly frustrated to learn that getting pregnant isn't easy as they think it to be. Therefore, this is why the idea of self fertility massage was designed.

What is self fertility massage?

This is an all-natural self treatment designed to support women who are trying to conceive. Also, it's a series of massage techniques used to support reproductive health, menstrual cycle and fertility. In addition, self fertility massage is very effective, and a low-cost way to boost your fertility naturally by reducing the effects of fertility issues on your body.

However, self fertility massage is for you if your experiencing any of the following conditions:


2. Endometriosis

3. Blocked fallopian tubes

4. Blood clots during menstruation

5. Hormonal imbalances

6. Uterine fibroids

7. High FSH levels

8. Ovarian failures

9. Poor egg health

10. Excessive menstruation

11. Constipation

12. Anovulation

13. Scar tissues

14. Lack of menstruation

In addition, regular fertility massage provides many benefits for the reproductive system and here are some of it's physical health benefits:

1. It helps reposition a tilted uterus

2. It promotes hormonal balance

3. It increases blood circulation to the cervix and the uterus.

4. It helps reduce painful cramps and also stress during menstruation.

5. It improves digestion and fight any discomfort in and around your abdomen.

6. It improves endocrine system communication.

7. It helps remove unwanted tissues especially those from pelvic injuries and previous menstruation.

8. It also helps get rid of old blood and tissues in the fallopian tubes.

9. It assist the liver in getting rid of excess hormones.

10. It helps prepare your muscles for child birth.

11. It helps clear your fallopian tubes so that both the egg and the sperm can meet easily.

12. It regulates the menstrual cycle and helps to get rid of irregular periods.

How can you give yourself a self fertility massage?

Well, the first step is you learning how to locate your reproductive organs as you'll be using these techniques to locate your uterus and ovaries while giving yourself a self-fertility massage. The main purpose of this is to help oxygen-rich blood flow into you ovaries and also other organs of your body that are responsible for supplying of the eggs which are to be fertilized. So here are the things you'll need to do next:

1. Empty your bladder i.e urinating so as to make it easy for you to concentrate and relax.

2. Choose a comfortable place for the massage.

To locate your uterus

In order to locate your uterus, join your two thumbs at your navel region and then stretch your remaining fingers downwards towards your pubic area or bone. However, your fingers should form an upside down triangular shape. Therefore, that spot where your fingers meet is where your uterus is located.

To locate your ovaries

Your ovaries are located approximately 4 inches down from your navel and 3 inches to the left and to the right if you do a rough measurement.

1. How to do a uterine massage

In order to carry out this massage, place your fingertips on your pubic bone just beneath the pubic hairline, then gently apply some pressure and move your fingers upward towards the uterus. Repeat this process for about 20 times and after that, move your hands in an upward direction by starting from the uterus down to the belly button. However, this massage is good for women after childbirth and also for those having other complications.

2. Massage for fertility

However, this massage should be performed only during your menstruation and ovulation period, not during your periods. So in order to perform this massage, first you rub your palms together just to make them a bit warm before applying any oil of your choice.

Secondly, you can now go to the uterus side by using your fingertips to apply pressure gently across the abdominal area where you feel more tense as that spot should be your main focus. However, apply some pressure there and make sure you move your hands in a clockwise direction. Then finally, open your mouth and relax your jaws in order to release the tightness accumulated in the pelvis. You can get someone to help you do this massage if you feel you can't do it yourself.


1. Do not do self fertility massage when you're pregnant.

2. Avoid doing self fertility massage when your menstruating.

3. Avoid doing self fertility massage if you have health issues.

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