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Opinion: Why Government should ban music concerts across the country amid rising cases of Covid-19

(Image source: PM News Nigeria)

It is no longer news that there's a new surge in the number of Corona virus cases, not just in Nigeria but in most part of the world. Several countries are already enacting regimented measures towards containing the number of cases in their country. But Nigeria which is not left out in the recent surge has not pushed for the reintroduction of most of the Covid-19 health guidelines like ban on public gathering and over crowding, ban on over loading by commercial bus drivers and transport companies, etc.

Now, government must rise up to the challenges posed by Covid-19 disease at the moment, by banning of any form of social gathering and activities especially music concerts. Just like seen in the picture above, music concert is one of the human activities which breaks the Covid-19 guidelines with so much impunity, simply because it involves over crowding that has no business with social distancing. And with that kind of crowd the spread of the Covid-19 virus is made easier and faster.

(Image source: The Guardian Nigeria News)

We must not always wait until the rain starts beating us before we starts running to shelter, yes, it's a glaring fact. Because if we have to wait to that extent before confronting the recent uprising in the cases of Covid-19 then we are likely to be overwhelmed by its ravaging effects and speed. And now, with the recent detection of the delta variant of Covid-19 which is said to be more deadlier than the previous species of Corona Virus, we already have a handful of problems and it is advisable that we do not give room for complacency

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And with the high risk associated with the staging of music concerts in the face of the recent surge, it is wise that the government places a temporary ban on it across the country. Also, knowing that music concert is about the crowd, and equally has no regard for social distancing which is one of the core measures in preventing the further spread of the highly dreaded and deadly Covid-19 virus.

Meanwhile, knowing that such type of social event/gathering is not domiciled in one particular region or venue, then it becomes even more risky to continue allowing it to go on, because it will definitely aid in the faster and quicker spreading of the virus across the country.

Some may ask why I singled out "music concerts" for this kind of discussion, and may tag it "witch hunting". Unfortunately, it is very far from that, and even the answer is not far fetched, because music concert being a social event has no significant value to human existence, even though it is a source of livelihood for many still is not comparable to values to humanity that is obtainable from activities in places like the market, school, church, Mosque, etc.

And maybe we are yet to understand what we are faced with, hence the reason we are not doing enough yet. But some others are aware of the situation before us which no doubt is the reason why the Lagos State University was recently shutdown by the school authority over the rising cases of Covid-19, especially as the state is the epicenter of the disease in the country. And that is a good example and idea of proactive measures, they did not wait until they are caught up by the health pandemic before making moves, no. Rather, while others are still crawling and meandering, they took the bull by the horns.

Therefore, Government must act in the same manner regardless of who or what is involved, the right thing must be done and it must be done fast. If we do not party or club for a period of time I do not think we are going to die, especially when its a sacrifice so that we may be alive tomorrow.

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