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Health benefits of kola nut and its side effects

In Nigeria the kola nut serves as an important cultural symbol for many ethnic groups. It can be given to guests in important ceremonies such as weddings, naming ceremony, funerals and many others. The ceremonial breaking of the kola nut is important for making people feel they are welcomed in a village gathering.

according to study, the kola nut can be beneficial in the following ways;

The caffeine which is contained in the kola nut helps to boost a person’s metabolism.

Kola nut powder and extract are thought to help in the production of gastric acid, which increases the activities of digestive enzymes in the stomach thereby aiding in digestion.

The caffeine and theobromine contained in the kola nut helps to increase the heart rate and so increase blood circulation.

According to a report by Journal of Bioscience and medicines, the use of kola nut extract might stop the growth of harmful bacteria.

Although extensive studies have not been conducted, early research indicates that certain compounds found in the kola nut may decrease the risk of prostate cancer.

The side effect of kola nut may vary depending on the amount consumed. The possible side effects include;

Due to the fact that the active ingredient in kola nut is body stimulant, it can increase blood pressure. People having high blood pressure or taking blood pressure medication should check with their doctor before consuming any product that contains kola nut.

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder. The kola nut contains caffeine which may hinder sleep. So people that have the sleeping disorder may be advised to avoid stimulants that contains caffeine, including kola nuts.

Kola nuts can affect the central nervous system, and can lead to shakiness, tremors, and anxiousness. People with anxiety may be prone to shakiness from kola nuts.

People are likely to experience stomach pains because of the increased production of stomach acids, which kola nuts might cause. And this can cause nausea.

Kola nut may be widely seen as a natural remedy for some conditions, but may not be appropriate for everyone. It may interact with some medications, therefore it is not recommended for everyone. People on medication should seek the consent of a medical doctor before taking any supplements, including those containing kola nut.

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