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5 Health Benefits of Processed Cassava- Garri.

Garri provides a wide range of health benefits to humans, including more than just providing energy. There are some other key nutrients in it that, surprisingly, offer health and lifestyle benefits that many people may never have heard about.

Garri is high in vitamins and minerals. Iron, manganese, calcium, sodium, magnesium, thiamin, copper, ascorbic acid, zinc, vitamin A, and potassium are among the minerals and vitamins found in garri and other cassava derivatives like flour. There's also dietary fibre, protein, fats, and other nutrients in it.

On that note, let's take a look at five health benefits of garri.

1. Aids in Digestion.

Garri is abundant in fibre, which is beneficial to digestive health. When garri is eaten, the fiber content helps to make one feel fuller, aids in quick digestion, and keeps one from becoming hungry for a significant period, as well as prevents constipation.

2. Improves Immune System.

Garri is a rich source of minerals such as copper and magnesium, which aid in the maintenance of a strong immune system.

3. Promote Eye health.

Garri also includes bakarotennya, a chemical that aids in the prevention of blindness. In addition, the presence of vitamin A in garri aids in the protection of bad vision when consumed in moderation.

 4. Energizes & Cools The Body.

Garri that has been soaked gives a particular amount of energy that the human body requires for daily health and well-being. When soaked in cold water with milk, it also has a cooling effect on the body in hot weather.

5. Prevents Cancer.

According to an article published in the Irish Times in 2000, cassava enzyme can kill cancer. Also, according to experiments, fiber and the presence of the B17 vitamin (Amygdalin) in garri helps to stimulate red blood cells and prevent cancerous diseases in the stomach.

Source: Finelib and The Irish Times

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