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Newly accepted regenerative medicines, a cure for type 2 diabetics

I can proudly say that my journey in reversing diabetes is the best any where in the world. Reasons being that I was even over-weight, I was weighing 112Kg and was only 5.6" tall. Plus, I didn't realize on time that I was diabetic. So, the complications had began, like foot ulcers when I was diagnosed with diabetes.

I was busy taking care of the injury on my foot, not knowing what it was I applied every home remedy known to me to get rid of the injury. When it persisted, I had to visit a doctor, he is my family friend so I needed just phone call to see him. Immediately he examined the wound, he brought out a testing tool, ticked my finger and checked my sugar level.

"Your sugar level is high, are you sure you're not diabetic!" He said. "God forbid!" I reacted. My heart skipped too. Before then, I had seen people with diabetes and the kind of misery they face, I was scared to be among the sufferers. Plus, I've read about it too when a friend(though he passed on as a result) had it.

Diabetes-related complications include damage to large and small blood vessels, which can lead to heart attack and stroke, and problems with the kidneys, eyes, feet and nerves.

If it was in my power, I would have done all I could to make sure what the doctor questioned was wrong. But then, the test result came and lo! I was diabetic. Then life changed. He had to motivate me, telling me how I needed to lose weight to effectively manage the diabetes. I tried all I could, sticking to all his advice. Yet things didn't get better. It was all not working.

It was on a Sunday afternoon, a fellow church sister visited, she said she hadn't been seeing me in church and when she inquired, she was told I was sick. I told her it was diabetes. "Diabetes should not be a problem," she said. I looked at her in amazement, maybe she didn't understand what it means. But, she continued, "I too was diagnosed of diabetes but now am in remission; let me connect you to the doctor who treated me." She placed a call and we both spoke with the doctor.

Most of what the doctor said was centered on oral regenerative therapy as a reversal methodology for type 2 diabetes. My eldest son had to look it up. He read it to me because I was weak. You could read some of the reviews, see regenerative therapy and testimonies from other people here.

“When there is chronic damage to tissue involving the immune system, as in inflammation or heart disease, the body loses the ability to repair itself,” Regenerative medicine changes that process and holds the potential to address acute injuries and chronic ailments, including those associated with aging.”

In the case of diabetes, regenerative therapy reconstructs the damaged pancreas and prevents the negative impact of it malfunctioning. Once a regenerative pill is taken, it reaches out to the beta cells(the cell of the pancreas responsible for creating insulin), regenerates it by awakening lifeless cells, repair wounded parts to enable the enough insulin to be manufactured. Thus eliminating high sugar from the blood. This was the basis through which I was cured.

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