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Avoid Eating Mango, If You Have This illness, It Only Makes It Worse

Mango is a stone fruit produced from numerous tropical trees. They are found in various shapes, sizes, skin and flesh colour which may be green or yellow. Mangoes are commonly found in the eastern part of Nigeria.

This fruit have been found not only to be sweet but has some nutritional contents. Mangoes have been associated with some health benefits, such as improved immunity, lower risks of cancer, digestive health and eyesight. Despite it's health benefit, mango is not good for everyone, there are some medical conditions that gets worse when you eat mango.

Below are illnesses that prevents you from eating mangoes

1. Diabetic Patients

Diabetic patients should avoid eating mangoes because of the sugar level it contains. Mangoes have high glycemic index which can lead to diabetes if taken in excess.

2. Obesity

Mangoes have high amount of calories, which is not good for obese people because it causes weight gain.

3. Skin Disease

Urticaria is a skin disease which causes skin rashes, itchiness and redness of the skin. 

People who are suffering from urticaria should avoid eating mangoes because it has been found to be responsible for skin disease in some people.

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Diabetic Eating Mango Nigeria


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