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Steps To Follow To Perform Urine Pregnancy Test with Accuracy

Steps to Follow to Perform Urine Pregnancy Test with Accuracy

Most home urine pregnancy test kits come with a set of detailed instructions. Please follow the instructions carefully to achieve accurate results. Some of the steps may include:

1. Calculate the missed period date

Take note of the first day of the last period you had. From there, count forward to 28 or 35 days (based on your usual cycle duration). The resulting date is the probable date your period should have started. This is your missed period date.

2. Know when to perform the test

Calculate 2 weeks forward from your missed period date. This should be the day when you take the test. Remember that testing prematurely may produce a false negative test.

3. Select the right test

Go for a home pregnancy test which is most reputable. Also, check the expiry date of the home pregnancy urine test kit while buying one. The more recent the date of manufacturing, the more accurate the results will be. Examine the condition of the pregnancy kit for any damage.

4. Carefully open the test

Take extra care not to touch the sensitive activation tab while opening the test kit. Wearing a pair of gloves may be a good idea.

5. Test using the morning urine

Using the morning urine for the test is more likely to yield correct results. The first urine of the day which is the morning urine is more concentrated and likely to have higher levels of hormone hCG.

6. Stream test or Dip test

Some test may involve placing the pregnancy test stick underneath the urine stream for a few seconds until it soaks fully. Some urine testing kits may require collecting the urine sample in a cup and dipping the activation end of the stick into the urine. Other may come with a dropper to put few drops of collected urine on the stick.

Different time requirements

Different brands of pregnancy test kits may have varying specifications for the waiting period of the result or the symbols used to define the results. Familiarize yourself with the instructions carefully to understand the results better. Reading a test after the lapse of the maximum time mentioned may not give an accurate picture as it can generate a false positive evaporation streak.

8. Positive/Negative

Most pregnancy tests are digital these days and indicate result as positive and negative leaving less scope for misreading the test result. In case the test result is demonstrating a faint line, it is wise to take the test again with the next first-morning urine, probably after a couple of days.

9. Validate with a blood test

You may like to verify the positive result of a home pregnancy test by running a blood test at a clinic. An additional benefit of a blood test is that it may also let you know the gestational age of the foetus, in case the test was positive. In case the pregnancy test result is negative but your periods don’t start within a week, taking a blood test can help eliminate the possibility of a pregnancy.

10. Mentally prepare yourself

Testing for pregnancy can prompt many mixed feelings. A first timer is likely to be nervous whereas one may be disappointed if the test results are not as expected. Preparing yourself mentally and engaging the support of your partner and family at such a time may prove crucial.

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