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Check Out What Adding Scent Leaf to Your Food Daily Could Do to Your Body

Scent leaf is one of the commonly used leaves in the country. It can be added to soups or stew and it brings out the taste in most foods. This is why it has continued to be the desire of most people to add to their dish.

It is a leaf that is native to the people of Nigeria, Ghana, Africa generally and Asia. Many people around Africa have on one occasion or the other used scent leaf in preparation of their food.

Some people take it as a herbal drink, this is because of the numerous benefits of scent leaf. In this article, I am going to be talking about what adding Scent leaf to your food daily could do to your body.

1. Scent leaf can help in benefiting the eye health

Scent leaf contains relatively high amount of Vitamin A which has been proven to benefit eye health. It can help improve low light vision and colour vision.

Deficiency of Vitamin A could lead to health related issues including decline in eye health.

2. Scent leaf helps improve heart health

According to studies, Scent leaf contains certain minerals and antioxidants that can help reduce bad cholesterol in the body. This is one of the major reasons why it is used as a herbal medicine.

It also helps in preventing heart arteries from clogging depending on the amount you took.

3. It helps in Aiding Digestion

If you are having digestion problems, taking scent leaf could really help you a lot. Drinking scent leaf tea could help speed up digestion and even prevent any possible heart burn.

4. It can help reduce blood sugar

Some research proves that scent leaf could help lower blood sugar. This study was made on mice, so more research needs to be made to prove this in human studies.

5. It could help treat anti fungal infections

Research shows that scent leaf contains some anti fungal properties that could help treat some infections when it is smeared and rubbed on the body.


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