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Avoid adding excess salt to your food inorder to help prevent these five health conditions.

Salt is good for your body but when you consume too much, there could be a problem. Salt helps to balance the fluids in our body and also helps to enhance proper functioning of our nerves and muscles. When you consume salt regularly, you are exposing yourself to some health conditions. It is important to reduce your salt intake in order to prevent the following health conditions.

Below are them.

1. Heart disease.

Consuming too much salt can lead to an increase in your blood pressure thereby making your blood vessels and arteries stiff. This then increases your risk of having heart disease. When you reduce your salt intake, your heart will be kept healthy and heart diseases will be prevented.

2. Dementia.

When your salt intake is high it will affect your brain function thereby causing an health condition to occur. An high amount of salt tends to reduce blood flow to the brain thereby leading to an health condition called dementia. When you reduce your intake of salt, blood will flow properly to your brain.

3. Kidney stone.

When your salt in take is high, the amount of calcium in your urine will increase. When this calcium then mix with the uric acid in urine, it forms kidney stones. Try and reduce your salt intake to prevent build up of calcium that causes kidney stones.

4.Stomach cancer risk.

According to some research, regular consumption of salt increases your risk of having stomach cancer. Too much salt can inflame your stomach linings thereby making you susceptible to stomach cancer. To prevent this, reduce the amount of salt you consume daily.

5. Eczema.

According to research, excess salt intake can force your immune system to release T-cells. This type of release causes inflammation, thereby triggering eczema to occur on different areas of your skin.

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