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Reasons You Should Stop Throwing Away Plantain Peels

You can use plantain peels to make tea or apply it to your skin after combining it with moisturizer, according to WebMD. In this post, we'll examine a few surprising health benefits of plantain peels. But how nutrient-rich are plantain peels?

1. Good potassium source.

Because potassium reduces the incidence of hypertension, stroke, kidney stones, and osteoporosis, plantain peels are a terrific heart-healthy snack. Potassium also lowers body water retention, which aids in maintaining normal blood pressure.

2. Could be beneficial for ulcers.

Wistar rats were utilized in a 2014 study to test the anti-ulcer properties of an aqueous extract of unripe plantain peel. They got to the conclusion that aqueous extracts of plantain peels decreased ulcerative lesions in rats and might be useful in the treatment of ulcers.

3. It could help with constipation.

Plantain, a natural laxative, treats constipation without causing any adverse effects. By thickening and thinning stools, the fiber in plantain peels promotes regular bowel motions.

4. Rich in folate.

Folate, which is present in plantain peels, helps to stop neural tube abnormalities in developing fetuses. By being ingested by pregnant women during the first trimester, it may also help in the prevention of congenital heart, brain, or spine problems in children.

5. It possesses anti-inflammatory qualities.

Plantain peels include flavonoids and tannins that have anti-inflammatory effects. Among other uses, the peels can be used to produce tea or as an ointment for the skin.

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