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Here Are 3 Diseases That Can Make You Urinate Frequently

Urination is a natural phenomenon, but when it becomes frequent, it becomes something to worry about. In this case, there could be an underlying illness that causes it, apart from taking too much liquid.

Below are 3 diseases which can trigger frequent urination:

1. Prostrate disease: Prostrate gland is responsible for secreting seminal fluids in men. When the Prostrate gland is infected, there could be enlargement in that area.

Men tend to suffer this at the later stages of their lives, like say, 50 years and above. The early sign associated with this disease is frequent urination. Sometimes, passing our urine becomes very painful.

Medicine Net also listed other diseases that are associated with frequent urination. Read below:

2. Kidney disease: Kidney is saddled with the responsibility of removing wastes from the body. It is advisable that we eat foods that will help our kidney function well.

When kidney is failing, there is every tendency that frequent urination will set in.

3. Overactive bladder: With this, there will be frequent urge to urinate, virtually all the time. This is not ordinary. Once you notice this, please do well to see a doctor for urgent medical attention.

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