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5 Health Benefits You Can Get From Drinking Tea Made From Mango Leaves

A lot of people enjoy mango because of it's, sweet taste and beautiful colour. Mango contains several nutritents like, vitamins and by virtue of being a fruit, mango has a lot of health benefits. However, what many people probably do not know is that, mango fruit is not the only edible part of a mango tree.

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Instead, mango leaves are also edible. Infact, in some parts of the world, mango leaves are used as ingredients in preparing certain delicacies. Apart from being used as a cooking ingredient, mango leaves are also sought after for their medicinal purposes which is to say that, mango leaves has a number of health benefits.

Mango leaves can be used to make herbal tea which when consumed, can prevent a lot of health problems and help heal some diseases. 

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Here Are Five Health Benefits Of Mango Leaves To The Body

1. Helps To Treat Stomach Ulcer: stomach ulcer is a sore in the lining of the abdominal wall. Stomach ulcer can cause pain which could be mild or severe. However, mango leaves contains certain properties and compounds that can help to treat stomach ulcers.

People who have stomach ulcer should drink herbal teas made from mango leaf to help Improve their condition. Mango leaves also helps to improve certain digestive issues.

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2. Helps To Regulate Blood Sugar Levels: diabetes is a common disease that is incurable. Diabetes can only be managed using a combination of drugs and diet. There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is caused by high blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. 

Studies have shown that, mango leaves contains properties that helps to reduce blood sugar levels and triglyceride, the two things that can cause diabetes or worsen it. 

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3. Helps To Prevent And Fight Cancer: one of the reasons why cancer is deadly is, it's ability to, remain undetected until it reaches an advanced stage. However, mango leaves contains a compound called, mangiferin which is believed to fight cancer which is why, it is advisable to take herbal teas made from mango leaves.

The anticancer effects of mango leaves can be further enhanced by also combining mango bark to mango leaves when making mango herbal tea. Experiments have shown that, mango leaves has special effects on prostate, cervical, lung, and breast cancer.

Image: Cancer Center

4. Helps In Weight Loss: being overweight is very bad for the health because, it can cause so many serious health complications including heart and liver problems. Which is why, people should try to maintain a healthy weight.

One way to keep your weight in check is by drinking herbal tea made from mango leaves. Mango leaves contains properties like, adiponectin which helps to reduce fat in the body thereby preventing weight gain.

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5. Helps To Reduce Inflammation: Inflammation is a medical term for, swelling. Inflammation can be caused by several things such as kidney problems and so on. Inflammation is usually a sign that something is wrong in the body and if left unattended, Inflammatory cells can cause serious health problems.

However, the mangiferin that mango leaves contain helps to reduce Inflammation which can potentially prevent a serious health problem.

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