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Meet the family that don't feel pain Even when they get bunt by fire

An Italian family are reported to have such a high threshold to feeling pain that they Barley notice when they burn themselves or break their bones.

members of the marsili family have the strange medical condition, that is so rare and unique, that doctors have named the condition after them as he called he called it marsili Syndrome.

The researchers, have discovered that the family’s high pain tolerance is due to a genetic mutation in the ZFHX2 gene. The discovery afer many years of investigation is likely to have a huge influence on future pain relief drugs.

Letizia marsili knew she was different from childhood when she noticed she experienced pain in a way totally different to other children, she doesn’t scream or feel anything when she got cuts, brusies or burns, now Letizia is 52 and she's asking people if this condition is a Curse Or a blessing

This should be a question to everyone because me i don't even understand how a normal human being doesn’t feel pain in any way

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