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7 Medical Conditions Caused By Frying Food In Oil That Has Been Used Multiple Times

Reheating and reusing oil is a very common unhealthy practice. Oil is reheated and reused to avoid wastage and for economic purposes. Most times when you cook with oil, you transfer the leftovers for storage to use again. This is very harmful for your health. Reheated oil is mostly used in home cooking and in street food.

Here are 7 health risks associated with consuming oil that has been reheated and reused multiple times;

1.      High cholesterol

Reheating frying oil increases the amount of LDL cholesterol it contains. Low density lipoprotein is also known as bad cholesterol. LDL cholesterol forms plaque that blocks your arteries and prevent the free flow of blood to your heart and other vital organs.

2.      Heart disease

An increase in cholesterol levels will result in heart failure and other heart diseases. Consuming reheated oil is bad for your cardiovascular health.

3.      Cancer

Reheating oil causes it to become carcinogenic. A carcinogenic substance is one that has cancer causing properties. Consuming such oil will put you at a greater risk of suffering from cancer. this carcinogenic property is as result of toxic elements produced when you constantly reheat and reuse the oil.

Reheating oil also increases the free radicals contained in the oil. When consumed, the free radicals go into the body and cause inflammation. Inflammation puts you at risk of cancer and other critical health conditions.

4.      Acidity

Reheated oil can cause acidity. This results in a burning sensation in your throat and stomach. Acidity can lead to unpleasant symptoms that leave you feeling uncomfortable. The most common symptom is pain from your stomach to your abdomen.

5.      Skin problems

Reusing your oil can cause skin problems and speed up the aging process. Cooking with old oil multiple times can cause wrinkling, sagging skin, fine lines, and cause the skin to lose its elasticity.

6.      Food poisoning

Most times after the oil is used, it isn’t stored properly. This create a welcoming environment for bacteria to breed on. Clostridium is a bacterium that produces harmful toxins that cause food poisoning.

7.      Diabetes

Eating foods that have been cooked in reheated oil causes weight gain and obesity. A healthy weight is essential for diabetes-free life. unhealthy weight puts you at a greater risk of suffering from diabetes.

You don’t have to throw your oil away after using it once. Instead do these;

1.      If the oil is sticky and greasy throw it away

2.      If the oil smokes or heats up quickly it is unsafe for use

3.      Avoid eating fried food from roadside restaurants

4.      Use little amount of oil when cooking

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