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Right and wrong uses of modern medicine

Right and wrong uses of modern medicines

Some medicines sold in pharmacies or village stores can be very useful, others are of no value. Also people sometimes use the best medicines in the wrong way, so, that do more harm than good. To be helpful, medicine must be used correctly.

Many people, including most doctors and health workers, prescribe far more medicine than are needed and by so doing cause much needless sicknesses and death

Some medicines are more dangerous than others. unfortunately, people sometimes use very dangerous medicines for mild sicknesses. (I have seen a baby die because his mother gave him a dangerous medicine, chloramphenicol, for a cold) never use a dangerous medicine for a mild illness.

Guidelines for the Use of Medicine.

1.Use medicines only when necessary.

2. Know the correct use and precautions for any medicine you use.

3. Be sure to use the right dose.

4. If the medicine does not help, or causes problems, stop using it.

5. When in doubt, seek the advice of a health worker.

Note: Some health workers and many doctors give medicines when none is needed, often because they think patients expect medicine and will not be satisfied unless they get some. Tell your doctor or health worker you only want medicine if it is definitely needed. This will save you money and be safer for your health.

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