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Tips To Help You Reduce Back Pain When You Get One

The following tips can aid in easing your back pain when it occurs. They can also help in preventing back pain. The tips includes:

Carry less objects

Carrying heavy briefcases, laptop bags, suitcases and purses can cause unwanted stress and strain to your neck and spine regions.

Always try to reduce what you carry and also use bags that spread the weight more evenly, for example, using a backpack. 

Improve your posture

Having a poor posture can put unnecessary stress and strain on your spine. This can result to pain and damage.

Frequently remind yourself to roll back rounded shoulders and sit upright in your chair

Change your shoes

Wearing high heeled shoes are probably going to cause problems to your back if you wear them regularly. Always wear comfortable, low heeled shoes when possible.

Stretch often

Having to do the same thing every day can cause your muscles to be weary and more prone to strain. Always ensure you stretch frequently to help improve circulation in those muscles and reduce the risk of back pain and damage.

Risk factors for back pain

According to studies,  you are at an increased risk for back pain if you do the following:

-Work in a sedentary environment

-Don’t exercise regularly

-Engage in high-impact activity without stretching or warming up first

-Are older

-If you have obesity

-If you are a smoker

-If you have been diagnosed with a specific condition like arthritis

Also, your emotional health can have an effect on your risk for developing back pain. You could be at a higher risk for back pain if you have a stressful job or have developed depression and anxiety.

It is important to seek medical help from your doctor or medical consultant if you're experiencing back pain.

Content created and supplied by: DrEnimofe (via Opera News )


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