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How To Get Better and More Quality Sleep

Sleep is a very vital part of our lives and our lives are almost incomplete without it. It is therefore important that we do not spend so many hours sleeping but we should get quality sleep.

Sleep is simply defined as a state of temporary unconsciousness, characterised by loss of sensory function, reduced movement and slowing down of bodily processes. We can also define sleep as an essential way of resting and refreshing the mind. Imagine yourself all stressed out after a project and you get good sleep, you will wake up with joy and a feeling of refreshment.

There are two types of sleep and this classification is based on the stages. The stages of sleep are: Non-Rapid Eye Movement sleep (NREM sleep) and Rapid Eye Movement sleep (REM sleep). When a person feels dizzy or drifts into a slight state of unconsciousness,the person enters Non Rapid Eye Movement sleep Stage 1. It is important to note that NREM sleep has three stages and a person moves as the sleep progresses along these stages. It is also important to note that just as the name implies; the eye does not move or it moves only slightly during the three stages of NREM sleep. In NREM stage 3 sleep, tissue repair occurs and there is reduced brain function and the person is not easily aroused in the stage. Dreaming occurs in the REM sleep stage. Just as the name implies, there is rapid eye movement in this phase. REM rebound can occur when a person does not get enough REM sleep.

We can increase the quality of our lives by sleeping well and better. There are lifestyle changes that we can adopt to better our sleep lives. Some of which include:

Taking more water during the day and less water at night. It is not news that nocturia (frequent urinating at night) can affect the quality of our sleep and disturb the progression of the stages of sleep. Taking less water at night will decrease the frequency of nocturia and help us sleep better.

Taking chill pills instead of sleeping pills: Sleeping pills have a likelihood to cause addiction and dependence. This can greatly affect sleep quality. Chill pills include activities like: listening to cool music, praying and meditation before falling asleep. It is also important to switch off all electrical appliances that produce light (e.g laptops, cellphones) an hour before falling asleep as research has discovered that lights reduce the hormone melatonin.

Avoiding caffeinated beverages

Exercising little during the day and relaxing a little before going to bed

Using the bedroom for only sleep and nothing else

Adding milk to your diet

Avoid going to bed when anxious

Taking soothing teas (e.g chamomile tea) before going to bed

I wish you a wonderful sleep and more quality sleep,a sound mind and sound health.

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