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20 Pictures That Will Make Your Brain Work To Figure Out What’s Going On

The border with reality and illusion are grayed in this list. People can’t seem to be able to make out what’s actually there because of the perspective. Captured in cameras, these images are so hard to make out of - is that man’s leg twisted, or am I seeing something that’s not there? These are optical illusions that will absolutely make you look twice and even thrice to make out what’s really in the picture.

Did he twist his neck?!

Stones can float, too.

The water is so calm.

Confused? Well, you can’t see the workers getting lifter up, closer to the camera than the guy standing below.

When you need to balance it with the appropriate amount of locks.

Woman with no head.

It definitely looks like he’s bathing his head.

Her hand is gone. Well, she’s actually just bending it outside.

An innocent girl with a pack of popcorn in her hand.

Do you see an elephant or a cow?

Very confusing legs.

If you breed dogs with giraffes.

This scary picture of this dog.

Can you guess where is this? It’s inside a cheese grater.

For a brief, horror moment...

Woman with no head.

Floating trash can.

Seems like they got a shape-snifter in the team.

Can you see the real flying object!

This optical illusion that people love and hate at the same time.

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