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Here Is One Herb Elderly People Are Always Advised To Take

Old age is like the otherside of life. A period when vigour is depreciated both physically and internally. This period of a lifetime is often accompanied with one disease or another. They are commonly referred to as old age diseases. However, with the right foods consumed regularly, the body can be made strong enough to withstand some of these diseases. 

Source: The Spruce Eats

Turmeric is a medicinal herb that serves as spices in food preparations. It is blessed with a very powerful compound known as curcumin. This compound is known to contain anti-inflammatory properties as well as immune boosting attributes. 

When turmeric are regularly consumed by our senior citizens, here are some benefits they may get from it.

1. It helps fight arthritis

Arthritis is a medical condition that is concerned with the joints. It causes an inflammation in the affected joint and comes with severe pains as well. In extreme cases of arthritis, it is usually difficult for such a person having to move such a joint. 

This medical condition can be seen in young but only in few cases as they are more seen in the elderly ones. 

Regular consumption of turmeric can help relieve the symptoms of arthritis because of the presence of curcumin which contains a anti-inflammatory properties.

Arthritis being a product of the inflammation of joint can be combated when this anti-inflammatory properties function properly.

2. Can help protect from heart diseases.

Most heart diseases would occur when there is a disturbance in the flow of blood going to the heart. One disease that usually interrupts the flow of blood through the arteries is atherosclerosis. This condition occurs when there is a build up of fatty deposits on the arteries. Fats would build up because of the action of adhesion molecules which occurs as a result of inflammation. Consuming turmeric which helps combat inflammation can really be potent in protecting the heart from the implications inflammation can result to.

Turmeric can be consumed by boiling, grating or by adding them to foods. 

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