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Why you aren't losing weight

Hi there you must've wondering why it's so hard to lose that extra weight. You must've have gone on several diets and done several exercises but it's not working for you. You might even see your friends lose weight quickly and you struggle to. 

I have a question for you, Have you ever considered the fact that you are doing the wrong diet and exercise for your body?!.

Sounds absurd right, but there are different body types and they operate differently.


 Ectomorph have a hard time gaining weight, be it fat or muscle. They are lean and tall and lack muscles, curves and are flat chested. They have a high metabolic rate, low muscular growth and fat gain is minimal. They are less prone to obesity as they can eat anything and remain lean. Your friend that looses weight easily might be an ectomorph hence why it is easy. 


 Endomorph tend to generally have a round curvy body, they are usually plump and have a fat boy structure. Their bodies are quite soft and have underdeveloped muscles and overdeveloped digestive system. They have high amounts of fat storage and high number of fat cells than the other body types due to slower metabolism. Endomorph cannot lose fat easily and tend to gain fat easily. The best thing for an endomorph to do is to CONTROL their weight. Chances are you are an endomorph. Now you see why you don't lose weight easily. 


 Mesomorphs are considered athletic and muscular with broad shoulders and bold looks. They tend to lose fat easily and doesn’t gain much fat if they control themselves. All mesomorph need to generally do is to maintain their body type with healthy eating and exercise.

Now you know why you aren't losing weight. 

I will be giving out how to exercise for each body types in my next post.

Thank you

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