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Health Implications Of Wearing Second Hand Clothes

Here are the health implications of wearing used clothes.

Many human diseases especially the sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted through body fluid e.g blood, sweat, urine, fluid, vaginal discharge e.t.c.

The causative organisms implicated in a lot of these disease have been isolated in clothes of people with these disease. Infection such as vaginal and skin cardidiasis, scabies, ring worm, body lice, chicken pox, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis can be transmitted through clothes that has been used by infected persons.

The risk of this fairly used clothes is more if the clothes are not properly disinfected before use and it is very dangerous because the buyers and the users had no idea of the status of the first users.

Users are prone to skin infections such as candidiasis,fungus,skin diseases, furunculosis and allergic skin diseases.

*Candidiasis disease is a fungal infection of any of the yeast species.

*Furunculosis is the presence of furuncles or boils on the skin.

Wearing of fairly used bra or pant is very risky, one can be infected with fungus or bacterial infection and it may also cause itching in the vagina and rashes at the breast region.

We should be careful when using fairly used clothes and should properly disinfect them by washing with warm water, antiseptic, sun dry and iron them.

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