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5 Ways A Lady Can Maintain Her Shape Even At 40

Maintaining a figure 8 shape have always been the dream of most women. But how to get this achieved have always been the problem. Some women especially celebrities have proven that this is possible.

The popular Nigerian celebrity Genevieve Nnaji is in her 40s but have maintained a very youthful and figure 8 shape to the admiration of all. This feat is acheivable if you adopt this lifestyle today.

1. Take calories according to your energy needs.

Body fats are as a result of calories ( energy foods) consumed which were not expended. When we take a carbohydrate or fatty food and did not expend them through work or exercise, the rest is stored as fats in the body.

Dieting involved considering your need for food as you take food. There are many food nutrients that we can choose from depending on the kind of work we do.

Eat less carbohydrates, sugar or fats if your work doesn't involve too much physical activity.

2. Live an active lifestyle.

Living an active lifestyle helps us to burn excess calories consumed. But if you live a sedentary lifestyle, some unused calories will be stored in the body as fats and they will affect your shape.

Remember these calories if not expended will also become triglycerides which is also dangerous when it is in excess in the body

3. Engage in physical exercise.

Exercise is one way of keeping yourself fit and eliminating excess calories consumed. It also helps our body in allocation of muscles.

4. Use girdles

Sometimes women as a result of childbirth may have to put pressure on their bellies as a result of pregnancy. This pressure may make the belly muscles of mothers weaker than that of younger ladies.

To correct this situation after childbirth, wear griddles, make sure that you breastfeed your baby properly. Studies have shown that breastfeeding helps to reduce belly fats in breastfeeding women.

5. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are low calorie diet that can help you to reduce belly fats and maintain your shape. Incorporating them into your diet will help you to take less calories and maintain a low calorie diet.

Don't forget that all of us have our own genetic heritage, your shape will align with your own genetic heritage.

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