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How To Save Someone From Stroke Using A Needle

Stroke is a damage to the brain caused from interruption of blood supply.

According to report, Stoke patient suffers disability and many death were also recorded in apropos to stroke.

This method is being practice in China, and it is a first aid given to resuscitate stoke patient and has been a life saver techniques over years.

Though, not medically proven, but there are factual prove that this method is best life saving method use to resuscitate a stroke patient.

You will also be wondering how this method will be possibly, but if you are courageous enough to practice the steps involved, you can be a life saver and a hero.

In case you wants to try the method, or you want to have it in your

When you see a stroke patient, just know that the person life depends on you. Don't try to move the patient decays if moved, the capillaries of the brain may burst, and it may lead to bleeding in the brain.

- The first thing you will be doing with the needle or thread with you is to find a way to first sterilise it.

- After doing this, you have to be careful because you will have to prick the tips of the ten fingers of the patient in a few millimeters from the nail.

- You have to do it continuously till blood ooze out from the finger, and if blood is not flowing out, just squeeze the finger in order to provide the blood flow.

- If that is done, just wait patiently till the patient regain his consciousness.

- The next thing is to massage the ears until they turns red, then prick each ear soft spot with the needle until blood started oozing from the ear.

Do not rush, all you need is to wait patiently till the patient becomes conscious again and if the patient is still displaying an unusual symptoms, first check and immediately take the patient to the hospital.

This technique is 100% life saving according to traditional medicinal expert.

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