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How to really drink water in a day including its wonderful benefits.

Water; a very important factor in our daily lives. But why do we need it and how much do we need to drink in a day?. The body does a lot of things with water after you have swallowed it down.

It carries nutrients and oxygen to your cells, empties your bladder so you can get rid of all the bacteria there and also helps you to protect your tissue, organs and joints which is a huge benefit to our health.

Consuming water also stabilises your heartbeat, controls your blood pressure and body temperature so it is a very vital part of the body system. About sixty per cent of our body is made of water and this shows how important this is. But how much do we need to drink in a day? is it eight glasses or two litres like most websites tell us?.

The truth is, most of these amounts are correct and incorrect because in reality, everyone is different and the exact amount of water you need will depend on a lot of factors such as if you live in a hot country, you will need to drink more water compared to if you live in a cold climate.

Also if you are a very active person or an athlete, your body will require more liquid to function compared to if you don't expel so much energy during the daytime. Other things like your weight, height and genetics also play a huge role in how much you should really drink in a day.

So technically, no one has the same water requirements as everyone else but eight cups is still a rough estimation of how much you should consume.

There are also wonderful benefits to your health when you drink the proper amount of water such as helping to lubricate the joints, helping to deliver oxygen to different parts of the body, assists in boosting the health of the skin and so on.

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