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How To Treat Menstrual Pain At Home

It is very normal and common to feel discomfort around your abdomen, lower back, and thighs when you’re menstruating. Medical doctors are not so certain why some females experience pains due to menstruation and others don’t. But some factors that predispose more than include:

-having a heavy blood flow

-giving birth to your first child

-being underage or just starting your period

-overproduction or sensitivity to prostaglandins, a hormone that affects your womb

-growth in the womb

-abnormal uterine tissue growth

-Use of medications or birth control pills

For Temporary or mild cramps, home remedies helps provide immediate relief and reduces chances of pain recurring on another time,

-Taking over the counter medications such as ibuprofen and naproxen these are Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), NSAIDs are the primary over-the-counter (OTC) form of pain relief and are given for pains and heavy menstrual bleeding. These drugs works by lowering your body’s production of prostaglandin. NSAIDs aren’t as effective as oral contraception, but they can help reduce pain.

-Massage therapy for minutes can help reduce menstrual pains caused by endometriosis. Massage reduces pain during and after cycle, massage therapy for menstruation involves pressing specific points while the therapist’s hands move around your abdomen, side, and back. Essential oil used in massage has been shown to significantly lower pains, such as lavender oil and clary oil. You should always dilute your essential oil with a carrier, for example vegetable oils such as sweet almond oil. A safe concentration is one drop of essential oil per teaspoon of carrier oil.

-There suggestions that having an orgasm helps reduce pains in vagina and generally eases body tension, Vaginal orgasms involve entire body, including the spinal cords which constantly relay signals that causes release of neurotransmitters, such orgasm can trigger your brain to release endorphins and oxytocin. Endorphins can decrease pain perception

-Avoiding certain foods is a good idea as these reduces body water retention and bloating. Fatty foods, salty foods, carbonated drinks and sugary foods are the primary causes of body stress and assists in prostagladins production. Reducing or cutting out these foods can help reduce cramps and decrease tension. You can try soothing (caffeine-free) ginger teas or hot flavors with lime and strawberries.

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