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3 Medical Reasons Why You Should Avoid Sleeping On The Floor

Beds are made for comfort and relaxation, but surprisingly, many people prefer sleeping on the floor. Most people do it because of the belief that it helps to cure back pain, which hasn't been proven by any scientific research. This is why it should be avoided.

Contrary to what many people believe, sleeping on the floor is not as healthy. Research has shown that it could have negative effects on our health. In this article, I will be showing you some medical reasons why you should avoid sleeping on the floor.

1. It can increase back pain.

Some people claim that sleeping on the floor helps to reduce their back pain, while others say otherwise. However, research has generally proven that sleeping on a tough surface makes it strenuous for your spine, thus leading to difficulty in maintaining its natural curve. Studies have also proven that sleeping on a hard surface is not good. You may likely wake up with back pain in the morning if you slept on the floor. Beds are soft and more relaxing compared to a tough floor. It therefore becomes necessary to remain on your bed.

2. It may lead to allergic reactions.

No matter how clean you sweep the floor, you cannot remove all the dust and germs which dwell in it, and most people are allergic to dust. In order to avoid allergic reactions, it's advisable to avoid sleeping on the floor as much as possible. Many people tend to experience runny nose, coughing, trouble breathing, sneezing and other allergic reactions when they sleep on the floor, which is why it should be avoided.

3. It may increase your exposure to cold.

Sleeping on the floor when the weather is hot should be discouraged because as heat rises, the floor tends to become cooler and sleeping on it may be detrimental to your health. Aged people and those who are prone to feeling cold are advised to avoid sleeping on the floor because it's very bad for their health. No matter how hot the weather is, you should always try to remain on your bed.

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