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6 Warning Signs That You Are Not As Healthy As You Think (Part 3)

Many diseases show some warning signs before they attack fully. Sadly, many people take those signs for granted either as a result of ignorance or, carelessness until it becomes late.

In the last few days, I have published two health articles about, "signs that show you are not as healthy as you think" which I tagged part one and two. This article is a continuation of part 1 and 2. 

Photo Credit: Medicalnewstoday

Here Are Six (6) Signs That Shows You Are As Healthy As You Think

1. You Do Not Go To Toilet Regularly: naturally, a healthy person is meant to to have a bowel movement daily or, at most once in two days.

However, if you are not having a regular bowel movement it might be a sign that there is something wrong with your intestines.

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2. You Are Urinating a Lot At Night: it is normal to urinate a lot if your drink too much water.

But when you are urinating frequently at night it might be a sign of a bigger problem like, sleep apnea.

Photo Credit: Healthline

3.Lose Of Appetite: a person is said to have lost their appetite when they no longer have the urge to eat even if the foods in question is their best food.

It is normal to lose your appetite once in while or when you are 'clearly' sick. However, when you are constantly losing appetite for no know reason it might be sign of a bigger health problem.

Photo Credit: Verywell Health

4. Your Wounds Take a Very Long Time To Heal: wounds have different healing time. Severe wounds like deep cut might take up to 10 days to heal while, minor injuries like minor cuts can take as little as, 1 day to heal.

But if you notice that minor injuries like surface cuts takes as much as 5 days or more to heal, it is sign of a bigger health problem. This problem might be caused by vitamin D deficiency or, some other health problems.

Photo Credit: WebMD

5. Erectile Dysfunction: this is problem that only affects men. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by the side effect of medication, effects of an accidents or, old age.

Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction can also be caused by a bigger health problem like cardiovascular problems (heart problems).

Photo Credit: Healthline

6. You Sweat At Night: it is normal to sweat at night when the weather is hot. But if notice that you have started sweating at night even when the weather is normal or, cool it might be a sign that you have a bigger medical condition like, leukemia or, tuberculosis.

Photo Credit: Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials

Part 3 is the last part of this article series.

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