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Why Halle Berry look so young at 52

Either you love or hate Halle Berry as an actress, you must admit that for a 53-year-old woman she looks fantastic. The secret behind her looking so young for her age is not much of a secret at all: it’s nutrition.

Even though being a high caliber actress most of the time leads to artificially improving your looks with the help of a surgeon - I’d argue that nutrition was the main contributor. She’s known for doing keto for quite some time now and has told the public how successful she was at that.

You might think that to achieve such results the diet must be very strict. That is not the case. Any keto experts, for example - nutritionists at Keto Cycle, will confirm that the best way to maintain the diet is to not overdo it.

It’s not like Halle Berry goes to extremes with the diet either - an occasional glass of wine is completely harmless.

Given that we can clearly see the results - how does the keto diet help you with looking younger? Well, the right dietary choices make every cell, organ, and system healthier, and that takes years off the way you look and feel. The keto diet, however, can be pretty difficult due to being a complete 180 from the norm. Obviously, Halle Berry has way more resources. Her dietary regimen was adjusted according to her personal needs by professional nutritionists. Not many people can gain access to such convenience.

Another ingredient to her looking so young is fitness. As we age the natural decline in fitness performance and weight gain seems more and more inevitable. Weight gain, in particular, visually makes you look older than you actually are.

Halle Berry is extremely fit for her age. To be fair, being so fit at any age would be a great achievement. How does she defy laws of physics and stay so lean? There must be some kind of pills for that, right?

There’s no secret formula. Keto diet is good for weight loss due to ketosis. Add custom made fitness regimen to that and voila!

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