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The Side Effects Of Drinking Cold Water

Many people in Nigeria prefer drinking very cold water( refrigerated water). This is by far more appealing to us than ordinary water because of our climate.

This article wants to look into the effect of refrigerated water on our health. We need enough water to keep our systems working. Our skin, eyes, brain, digestive and excretory systems needs water.

So the issue of whether we need to be hydrated always is not the discussion, but should we be drinking water from the fridge always? What happens to our body when we drink very cool water?

1. It decreases the heart rate.

According to, drinking very cold water decreases the heart rate and stimulates the vagus nerve. This nerve is the nerve that controls the involuntary functions of the body.

As the vagus nerve is affected by the temperature of the water you drink, the heart rate temporarily slows down, until the body temperature reaches an equilibrium again. This process affects the heart temporary.

2. It may cause constipation.

Food hardens naturally as it enters the body. In the same way cold water causes the intestines to contract. The simultaneous contraction of the intestines with the hardening of food that enters the body may cause constipation.

For better digestion, it is better to drink water that has room temperature than ice water. Ice water is better to be taken when the weather is very hot than as a regular drink.

3. May cause headache in people with migraines.

Studies have shown that drinking chilled water may stimulate headache in people suffering from migraines.

Chilled water may affect many blood vessels in the spine and they immediately sends these waves to the brain causing headache especially in people with migraines.

4 May affect the metabolism of fats.

Drinking chilled water affect a meal may affect the metabolism of fats. Naturally, it is not very healthy to driñk water while you are eating. It is better to drink water some minutes after your meal.

When you drink chilled water while eating foods containing saturated fats, the fats may begin to congeal while still undigested. This may affect the digestion of the fats consumed.

5. May cause cold or Flu in people with weak immune system.

Sometimes our immune system may be compromised due to weather conditions or when you are recovering from illness or any other conditions. In such situation, drinking very cold water may stimulate cold or flu.

6. May reduce the release of cytokines , chemicals that improve immune response to the body.

Sources of information: www medicinenet. com

Content created and supplied by: StayHealthy (via Opera News )



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