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If you share any of these items, stop immediately

Its a common thing in our African countries where an individual shares almost everything he has that suppose to be personal. This can cause a lot if health issues although it is ignored by many people.

Sharing of such items could lead to bacterial, fungal or viral diseases. Part from that, its a very bad habit to be a victim of sharing items that suppose to he personal. Try get yours or always secure yours from being user by anybody to avoid risk of any issue.

However, here are 11 items you should never share with any body if you value your health. 

1. Toothbrush 

2. Hair comb and brush 

3. Towel

4. Bathing soap

5. Earrings 

6. Sewing needle

7. Nail clippers

8. Razor blade

9. Earphones, especially the type with rubber tubes that go into the ear. 

10. Shaving stick

11. Underwear like boxers, singlets, pants amongst others. 

Sharing things like these can lead you to having, infections and other serious health issues. 

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African Toothbrush


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