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Transparent Creature You Don't know That actually looks like water.

This strange sea creature certainly isn't something you would expect to find while fishing, called a sea salp.

This more or less completely invisible marine invertebrate is usually quiet common in southern ocean

The strange sea creature have been found along the coats of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland recently, scientists don't know why.

It's four-inch(10.2centimeter) sea salps link together to make luminous chain up to fifteen feet (4.6meters) long.

Sea salps are known for their unique life cycle during which the exit both as individuals and part of a larger organism.

These planktonic tunicate tends to be barrel-shaped and can move around by pumbing water through their gelatinous bodies. Sea salps feed by filtering out phytoplankton from seawaters, the also tend to form large swarms in deep water and are sometimes found to be more aboundatant than krill in places.

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