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15 Biology Objective Questions WAEC May Ask

1. When two genes form the same character (alleles) are contained in the same individuals, the character that shows is known as A.important character B. dominant character C. superior character D. controlling character

2. The sum total or the biotic and abiotic factors that affects living things is referred to as A. environment B. Lithosphere C. hydrosphere D. atmosphere

3. Hygrometer is an ecological instrument that measure A. rainfall B. humidity C. temperature D. light

4. Which of the air pollutants causes acid rain? A. sulphur Dioxide B. lead oxide C. Hydrogen sulphide

5. Which of the following does have well developed tissues? A. Moss B. fern C. whispering tree D. maize

6. Which one of the following is air borne?

A. malaria B. yellow fever C. cholera D.tuberculosis

7. Candida vaginalis is a A. Bacterium B.fungus C. Virus D. protozoa

8. All of these are vertebrates except A. lizard B. rat C. star fish D. tilapia

9. Which of the following deaminates amino acid? A. duodenum B. ileum C. liver D. Kidney

10. A stable self sustaining environment produced by air interaction between biotic and abiotic component is best described as A.niche B. community C. an ecosystem D.a habitat

11. Which of the following is not present in the nucleus of a cell A. chromosomes B. nucleus C. genes D. mitochondria

12. The head of the femur articulates with the pelvic at the A. glenoid cavity B. olecrenon-process C. Acetabulum D. coracoid process

13. The mamalian cervical vertebrate invariably number A. 4 B. 7 C. 12 D. 5

14. What mechanism is responsible for the rise of water to the tops of tall tree? A.transpiration B. root pressure C. Osmosis D.capillarity

15. Antibodies in mammalian blood are formed by A. platelets B. White blood cells blood cells D. liver

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C. D. Kidney WAEC


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