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What can make men have Enlarged testicle

Your testicles typically differ in size from one another. The larger testicle is typically the right one. Additionally, one of them typically hangs a little lower inside the scrotum than the other.

Your testicles, however, shouldn't ever hurt. Even if one is larger, it shouldn't be entirely different in shape. If you find that either testicle starts to pain or isn't the same shape as the other, consult a doctor.

According to Healthline, the following are potential causes of an enlarged testicle:


The epididymis is inflamed in this situation. Typically, an infection is a cause. This is a typical sign of the sexually transmitted illness of chlamydia (STI). If you have any unusual pain, burning while urinating or discharge from your genital area accompanied by inflammation, consult a doctor.

Epididymal cyst

The epididymis has developed this growth as a result of too much fluid. It is not harmful and requires no medical attention.


Orchitis is an inflammation of the testicles brought on by an infection or by the mumps virus. If you have any discomfort, consult a doctor right away since orchitis might harm your testicles.


Your testicle may expand if there is fluid buildup surrounding it, which is known as a hydrocele. It's possible that this fluid buildup is typical as you age and doesn't need to be treated. It may, however, also be a sign of inflammation.


The varicoceles in your scrotum are enlarged veins. Even if they can result in a low sperm count, they usually don't require treatment if you have no other symptoms.

Testicular torsion

When the testicle rotates too much, the spermatic cord may twist. Blood flow from your body to the testicles may be slowed or even stopped as a result. If you experience testicular pain that lasts after an accident, comes back suddenly, or is persistent, consult a doctor. To save the testicle, testicular torsion is a medical emergency that needs to be treated right away.

Testicular cancer

When malignant cells accumulate in your testicles, testicular cancer develops. If you discover any lumps or strange growths around your testicles, consult your doctor straight once.

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