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4 Foods You Can Eat to Fight Alzheimer’s Disease and 2 You Should Avoid

There are many things that can help you exercise your brain and keep it healthy, but it’s not so well-known that your diet also plays a crucial role in reducing your risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. A recent study showed that a specific diet, called the MIND diet, might reduce the risk of these diseases.

However, here are 4 main nutritious elements you should include in your diet plan for a strong brain, and others that you need to avoid.

1) Eat Fish at least once a week.

Eating fish has been linked with heart health. Now new research adds to growing evidence that fish is good for the brain as well.

Researchers found out that people who ate baked or broiled fish just once a week had a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. They are also at lower risk of mild cognitive impairment, a type of memory loss that sometimes leads to Alzheimer’s.

2) Berries

Eating berries change the way the neurons in the brain communicate and prevented inflammation to improve motor control and cognition. Boost your Brain. Adding blueberries can increase the birthrate of braincells in the hippocampus–the region of the brain responsible for memory.

3) Use olive oil more in cooking.

Consuming extra-virgin olive oil protects memory and learning ability and reduces the formation of proteins building up in the brain

New research in mice suggests that adopting a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil can prevent the toxic accumulation of the protein tau, which is a hallmark of multiple types of dementia.

4) By Eating Nut

Nuts are another great addition to your Alzheimer's or dementia diet. Like fish, many nuts have lots of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Those omega-3s will help you protect your brain health. They'll improve your cardiovascular health, too

2 Food You Should Avoid To Reduce The Risk Of Alzheimer's Disease

1) Reduce intake of meat, especially red meat

High levels of meat consumption is strongly associated with elevated risk of Alzheimer's disease in addition to other chronic diseases.

2) Limit the consumption of butter, margarine, and cheese

According to the MIND diet, cheese, especially the full-fat kind, should be reduced if we want to lower our risk of dementia. The same applies to butter and stick margarine

Source: Google, Bright Side

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