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10 Reasons Shaving Cream Is Bad for Your Health

We all have different shaving styles to match our unique structure of the face, body and hair. These techniques of rasing are as disparate as the numerous rashing products sold in stores.

Since the 1950s the inevitable aerosol can has been the standard shaving method.

It promised to save time and effort, as a novelty at the time, but over time, we found that many do not know about this canned product's side effects.

Shaving creams can be dangerous if these chemicals come into contact with your skin.

Why should you stop using them?

1. Surfactant Chemicals

Surfactants are chemical lubricants that make your skin more alkaline and make it harder for your skin to naturally hydrate. Your skin gets drier and ageing faster.

2. Mineral Oil

Mineral oils are added to shaving creams so that the skin is lubricated during shaving. Unfortunately, they obstruct and close skin pores and increase skin irritation.

Shaving creams can be harmful, as these mineral oils facilitate the closing of skin pores, prevent release of contaminants and increase the occurrence of infections and acne outbreaks.

3. Preservatives

In order to maintain pressure within the can, irritating solvent gas is used, and conservatives are used for very long shelf life.

4. Numbing Agent

Many shaving products contain chemicals which act as numbs such that during shaving, you do not feel the nicks and scratches. The skin can also absorb these agents and they can damage the skin.

5. Perfumes

Companies often add fragrances to the cream, but they are chemicals which can cause allergy, as well as headaches, dizzyness, rashes, and skin irritation.

6. Glycol

Propylene glycol, butylene glycol and ethylene glycol are common chemicals. They have been connected to dry skin, rashes, dermatitis, and can cause disorders in your blood and kidneys.

7. BHT

Butylated hydroxytoluene can also cause inflammation of the skin, eye and lung. It has also been observed that it causes hormonal disorders.

In 1992, the Federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registries classified this chemical as one of the most dangerous chemicals.

8. Isopentane

Shaving creams often include the solvent that helps to dissolve some ingredients. This solvent can make skin dry. It may also result in dizziness, headache, dermatitis and irritation of the nose and throat.

9. Palmitic Acid

This ingredient has proven to cause dermatitis. It is used as emulsifier to mix cream formulas evenly.

10. Environmentally harmful

A typical can has much lower numbers of shaves than the number of years it takes for an aerosol can to breakdown. Millions of thrown-out aerosol cans worldwide fill up dumps.

The several chemical in the synthetic goods make it an eco-hazard and can't dissolve in the water.

Avoiding the use of rashing goods would ensure that the soil, air and your home have fewer cans and less carcinogenic substances.

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