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Helpful First Aid Tips Street Medics Want You to Know

Things are not always in your control at a demonstration, if you get injured or someone you know gets injured, and even if the injury might seems minor, you may still need medical care. That’s why, at many protests, street medic organizations are on-site to help. In general, these are nonhierarchical groups of medical professionals who’ve received specialized training to help during protests and carry first aid and other medical equipment with them. The best way to treat many of the most common protest-related injuries is to prevent them from happening in the first place by wearing appropriate clothing, staying hydrated, and bringing any medical items you need to manage your health (like a rescue inhaler, for instance). Taking those measures will help keep you significantly safer at a protest.

Protecting Yourself. The best thing is to avoid injury altogether. This section will discuss ways to help protect against and prevent injury.

(a) Wear layers and thick clothing. Long sleeves further help to protect.

(b) Wearing a white base layer, such as a T-shirt or tank top, can help make it easier to find bleeding wounds.

(c) Wear comfortable shoes that you can easily run in. will protect against ankle sprains and other injuries due to improper footwear.

(d) Also avoid wearing glasses without proper protection, as they can shatter upon impact, leaving glass in your eye.

(e) Heavy-duty or tactical gloves can help protect against abrasions and cuts.

(f) Heat-insulated or flame-resistant gloves are imperative if you plan on coming in close contact with tear gas canisters (see section: tear gas).

Aftercare is crucial to prevent added physical and psychological stress

Safety work isn't done after the action ends. Following up is crucial to help care of all injuries, both physical and psychological.

In the aftermath of chemical exposure, it's important not to bring any clothes or exposed items into your home. Remove them at the door and store them in a plastic bag until you can wash them, and immediately shower.

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