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See 4 Super Easy Way To Reduce Side Fat Fast

Having side fat isn't bad but many people don't like it because of how it looks on the body .

If you have been doing so many things to reduce belly fat and it didn't work, then try this and thank me later .

I will be showing you 4 esay and effective way to reduce side fat .

1) plank : place your forarms on the ground so that your arm will be parallel to your body and your elbow will be place right below your shoulder.

Keep your back completely straight and hold this position.

2) Bicycle crunches; this is the most effective exercise for abbs ,it can leave you with no side fat .

Start with laying on the ground and placing your hands behind your head

Raise your legs and start to touch your right elbow to your left knee while keeping your right leg straight and off the ground and vice versa.

3) side plank ; start this exercise on your side putting your leg together and making sure your forarms is exactly below your shoulder

Raise your body off the ground and make it a straight line from your head to your toe

Hold this position

4) leg lifts ; like your back with your leg straight and place your hand under your bum

You have to lift your leg as high as you can and then lower them down again but without touching the floor.

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