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Signs That Show A Person Could Be Suffering From Lung Infection

The lungs are one of the vital organs in the human body which is responsible for allowing oxygen from the air we breathe to enter the red cells in the blood. Red blood cells then carry oxygen around the body to be used in the cells found in our body. Some of the oxygen in the air can then be transferred into your bloodstream.

In addition, some of the carbon dioxide in your blood is transferred into the air that is in your lungs. From what we've discussed, one could see that the reduction of the performance of the lungs can drastically affect our breathing which is evidence of living.

Therefore, the lungs like other vital organs in the human body need to be protected from been damaged or infected as their deficiency could be very dangerous and have largely affected our general wellbeing.

So in this article, we will be looking at 3 signs that your lungs could be having issues and when you notice these signs, do not hesitate to see a doctor.

What are the early signs that your lungs are infected?

1. Cough with thick mucus

When you notice that your cough produces thick mucus that sometimes could be clear, whitish, greenish, or yellowish-grey, without panicking, you should go and see a doctor especially if the cough lingers for several weeks even after some other symptoms have improved.

2. Chest pain

Chest pain caused by lung infection is usually very stabbing and hurts a lot and they intensify whenever you take a deep breath or when you cough. This stabbing chest pain can also go as far as affecting or felt your mid-upper back.

3. Body aches

Muscles aches and backache are some of the common symptoms that come when you have a lung infection. It has a medical term which is called myalgia. Also, someone whose lungs are infected can develop inflammation in the muscles which can also lead to body aches when they have an infection.

4. Shortness of breath

If you are having trouble breathing, that is you feel like breathing is difficult or that you can’t breathe in completely, then you should see a doctor right because this is a more obvious symptom of infected lungs and therefore should not be taken for granted.

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