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5 Warning Signs Of Silent Stroke That You Should Not Take For Granted

Some people can have a stroke without knowing it. This type of stroke is known as a silent stroke because it doesn't show any noticeable symptoms or signs. Unlike most strokes that are caused by a clot that blocks the blood vessels in the brain and prevent oxygen-rich blood from reaching it, causing the brain cells to die, silent stroke affects a small part of the brain but it doesn't mean that the damages are insignificant. The damages can be cumulative and with several silent strokes, they may result in neurological symptoms.

Image source: Times Now

According to Healthline, recent research shows that multiple silent strokes can increase the risk of vascular dementia that may show symptoms such as loss of bladder control, memory problems, changes in walking patterns, troubles with making decisions, and emotional problems. Meanwhile, silent stroke is often caused by high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, blood clots, and narrow arteries that are usually triggered by poor diets and sedentary lifestyles.

However, in some fortunate cases, the following signs of silent stroke may be experienced.

1. Slight memory loss

Image source: Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials

2. Sudden loss of balance

3. Difficulty with cognitive skills and ability

4. Sudden difficulty with basic muscle movement

5. Sudden mood changes

Image source: Pacific Neuroscience Institute

If any of the following signs are noticed, quickly talk to a doctor and take the necessary preventive measures to slow down the effect of silent strokes by avoiding fried foods, fast foods, processed foods, sugary and salty foods, alcohol, smoking, and physical inactivity.

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