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Health Benefits of Shiny Bush (Pepperonis Pellucida)

Botanica Name: Peperomia Pellucida Linn, English /Common Name: Shiny Bush, Yoruba Name: Rinrin, Ewe Rinrin

The plant Shiny Bush is an annual herb with shallow root, it can grow up to 40cm in height with succulent stems. Its leaves are alternate, heart shaped and turgid, it is transparent and smooth like candle wax. Peperomia flower is tiny dots formed and scattere along solitary and leaf opposed stalk, naked maturing gradually from the base to the tip; turning brown when ripe. It self propergating through seed droping off when mature and can grow easily in clumps and in dark areas.

Parts needed: Leaves and stems.

Phyto-Constituents and Phyto-properties

• Considered anti-inflammatory, refrigerant, analgesic, antifungal, anticancer.

• Study yielded 5 new bioactive compounds: two secolignans, two tetrahydrofuran lignans, and one highly methoxylated dihydronaphthalenone.

Uses: Nutritional

Leaves and stems may be eaten as vegetable. In salads, the fresh plant has the crispness of carrot sticks and celery.

In Folklore herbal practise, Infusion and decoction of leaves and stems are used for gout and arthritis, decoction of roots used for fever; aerial parts for wounds.

It is used for headaches, rhumatic pains, impotence. In Brazil, used to lower cholesterol; for treatment of abscesses, furuncles and conjunctivitis

In Skin and beauty, externally used as a facial rinse for complexion or skin management. Pounded whole plant used as warm poultice for boils, pustules and pimples.

In the Philippine medicinal plants, being studied for its use in the treatment of arthritis and gout.

For arthritis: Leaves and stems of the fresh plant may be eaten as salad. Or, as an infusion, put a 20-cm plant in 2 glasses of boiling water; and 1/2 cup of this infusion is taken morning and evening.

Other Studies

It is Analgesic/Anti-inflammatory: Extract study of aerial parts of Peperomia tested in rats and mice exhibited anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities.

CNS Depressant Activity: Study of peperomia leaf extract showed dose-dependent depressant effects probably due to psychoactive substances that are CNS depressant.

Antipyretic: Study of Shiny Bush leaf extract on rabbits showed antipyretic effects comparable to a standard aspirin.

Antibacterial: Study of methanolic extract of Peperomia exhibited a very good level of broad spectrum antibacterial activity.

The leaves and stalk of pansit-pansitan are edible. It can be harvested, washed and eaten as fresh salad. Taken as a salad, pansit-pansitan helps relive rheumatic pains and gout. An infusion or decoction (boil 1 cup of leaves/stem in 2 cups of water) can also be made and taken orally – 1 cup in the morning and another cup in the evening.

For the herbal treatment of skin disorders like abscesses, pimples and boils, pound the leaves and/or the stalks and make a poultice (boil in water for a minute or two then pounded) then applied directly to the afflicted area. Likewise a decoction can be used as a rinse to treat skin disorders.

For headaches, heat a couple of leaves in hot water, bruise the surface and apply on the forehead. The decoction of leaves and stalks is also good for abdominal pains and kidney problems.

Like any herbal medicine it is not advisable to take any other medication in combination with any herbs. Consult with a medical practitioner knowledgeable in herbal medicine before any treatment.

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I therefore, implored you to contact your Healthcare or Holistic Health Practitioner about the benefits of herbal medicines.

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