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Why mosquitoes prefer to suck some people's blood instead of others. Detailed research

You wake up in the middle of the night battling with mosquitoes hovering and flying over you, trying to grab a bite out of you and suck your precious hard earned blood. But whereas, your roommate who is sleeping in the same room with you doesn’t seem to be disturbed by mosquitoes and is sleeping peacefully like a baby. You wake up in the morning and find countless red bites all over your body. Very unpleasant isn’t it? Especially when you have your bath and feel sharp pains all over your body. Trust me, I've had that experience too and that’s why I compiled this article for you. Read on to know how sensitive mosquitoes are in selecting their host.

There are factors and conditions that makes a mosquito choose your body over another. They include:


 Sounds familiar? Well yes! Mosquitoes suck blood to harvest the protein it. So definitely since there are different blood types with different protein structure, they find some blood type more appetizing than others. In a controlled experiment carried out, mosquitoes have been shown to suck blood more from people with Type O blood than those with Type A and Type B. 


Based on genes, 85 per cent of people secret a chemical from their skin that mosquitoes can easily perceive from a distance and attracts them to suck blood. These chemicals act like indicators to your blood type.


Mosquitoes have an organ called the maxillary palp which helps them sense carbon dioxide gases been emitted by their target (as far as 164 feet away). Mosquitoes are more attracted to people who exhale more of this gas (bigger persons and adults). Pregnant women also have been shown to exhale 21 per cent more carbon dioxide, hence, they tend to get bitten more by mosquitoes.


Generally when you exercise you begin to sweat a lot. The sweat contains lactic acid, uric acid and ammonia which mosquitoes can easily smell and track down and make you a target. Also, high body temperatures attract mosquitoes too. (Due to genetic differences, some people have varying amount of uric and lactic acid in their sweat. The more the acids in your sweat, the more the target you are for them)


Mosquitoes use vision and scent to track down their host. According to James day, an entomologist. Mosquitoes are attracted to colours that stand out. Colours such as black, blue and red are more easily perceptible to mosquitoes 


Every human being has lots of different types of bacteria on their skin which is normal. Funny enough, the number of different types of certain bacteria can justify if you are a much higher target to mosquitoes or not. In a study been carried out it was shown that mosquitoes are more attracted to people with lots of fewer types of bacteria on their skin than people with lots of many types of bacteria on their skin. 


Okay, this might sound weird but it’s true. People who drink beer a lot tend to attract mosquitoes more. Beer drinkers release ethanol in their sweat which is a chemical that mosquitoes can easily scent, alongside with their increase in temperature. But in entirety of this study, scientists are still making further research on the beer part.

So that’s it, now you know why mosquitoes prefer to suck your body rather than that of others around you. It’s nothing spiritual. Knowledge is power. 

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