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Conditions that can make you have stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases that can kill the person who has it. It starts when cancer cells grow in the lining of a person's stomach and can grow into a tumor over time.

WebMD says that the following are some of the most common things that can cause stomach cancer in humans.

1. One of the main reasons people get stomach cancer is because they smoke too much. The chemicals in cigarettes damage DNA.

People who smoke more often are more likely to get stomach cancer because the chemicals in cigarettes make it harder for our cells to fix damage to our DNA.

Also, the chemicals in a cigarette hurt the parts of the human body's DNA that keep cancer from growing. So, smoking causes more damage to the DNA, which can lead to cancer.

2. Drinking too much or too often is another thing that can cause stomach cancer and should not be ignored.

Some studies have shown that drinking too much alcohol can cause stomach cancer, and the main way this happens is through primary metabolites that have toxic effects in the stomach area and can cause stomach cancer.

Being overweight or obese is another major cause of stomach cancer.

4. Eating too much salty food is another thing that can cause stomach cancer in people.

Too much salt or foods with a lot of salt can raise the risk of cancer because salt damages the lining of the stomach, which can lead to stomach cancer if not treated.

5. Stomach cancer can also be caused by genes and a history of stomach cancer in the family.

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