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Side Effects & Risks Associated With Drinking Zobo Often (Hibiscus Tea)

So says Healthline. The ancient saying goes that there are risks and hazards associated with everything. Although though hibiscus tea, or Zobo drink as it's known in the region, is all-natural, the same guidelines must be followed. Some persons should avoid drinking Zobo at all costs because it can have harmful physiological effects if consumed regularly.

The risks and adverse consequences of regular consumption of zobo drink or hibiscus tea are discussed in accordance with an article published in Medical News Today. Just sit back and absorb the information in this post.

Please explain the risks and adverse effects of drinking Zobo frequently.

Research suggests that drinking Zobo or hibiscus tea on a frequent basis can be harmful to your liver. According to research released in 2013, drinking too much of the Zobo drink, which contains hibiscus extract, can be harmful to the liver. Zoloft should not be taken by anyone who is currently taking acetaminophen, for example, until the acetaminophen has been eliminated from the body.

Secondly, pregnant women should stay away from hibiscus tea and the Zobo drink. A pregnant woman would be wise to stay away from it because of the risks it poses to her health.

In addition to avoiding hibiscus tea, people on chloroquine should avoid drinking any tea with rose or safflower. This is because it may lessen the efficiency of the Malaria Treatment. Avoid drinking alcohol while taking chloroquine.

Since the beverage might create a dangerously low blood pressure, hypertensive patients should regularly monitor or test their blood pressure.

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