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Bean Cake (Akara): Health Benefits And Possible Side Effects

Beans Cake natively known as Akara is one of the commonly eaten foods in the country. This is a type of food that are quite unique to the many people in Nigeria especially the igbos. Bean Cake could be used as a food, it could also be eaten just as a snack.

Many people have been eating beans cake without wondering whether it has an advantage of disadvantages. Some think that it has a lot of advantages but has no disadvantage, but you are going to find this out in the article.

What you gain when you consume bean Cakes.

1. Beans cakes are proteinous

Beans cakes are made from residuals from beans, they may not contain all the amount of proteins which can be found in beans, it contains an amount that is beneficial to health.

When eaten in a good quantity, it contains the needed amount of protein which is needed by the body. So eating bean Cake gives you protein.

2. Bean cakes could aid weight loss

Beans cakes which are made from beans are rich in solube fiber which helps in promoting weight loss. They also help in making a person feel full thereby making you to reduce the amount of calories you take in a day.

So eating bean cakes helps you lose some weight and consume less calories when eating

3. Bean Cakes are rich in Fiber

Just like I said earlier, bean cakes are rich in fiber and protein, this makes them an exceptional food to eat. Fiber is good for heart health, aids weight loss and promotes better immune system.

Side effects of Bean Cakes (Akara)

The side effect of Bean cake depends greatly on the oil and environment it was prepared in. So here are things that will happen if these two are in place.

1. It will raise your bad cholesterol

When Bean Cake is prepared with an unhealthy oil which is used by most street sellers, it increases the cholesterol level of the food thereby making it dangerous for the body.

2. It could enable weight loss

If the oil is Unhealthy, it will store up fats in your body which eventually turns into weight gain. But if it is a healthy oil, it will reduce weight instead.

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