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Ladies Protect Yourself: Learn How To Make Your Own Pepper Spray In 5 Easy Steps

Considering the recent happenings now, with the issue of rape and all kinds harassment all over the news, having a pepper spray is needful a pepper spray is an essential item every lady should have In her bag for self defence and for putting predators in their place.

What’s a pepper spray?

This is a spray containing oils derived from pepper, which is irritant to the eyes and respiratory organs and can be used for self defence. 

The main ingredient here is our Pepper yes very hot pepper, whatever specie you want to use here is your choice, but make sure to use the one that can get you the desired effect in the face of danger. 

Ingredients For Making Pepper Spray 

1. Ground Cayenne Pepper

2. Spray bottle 

3. Alcohol 

4. Filter paper 

5. A mixing bowl 

6. A spatula 

 5 Simple Steps In Producing your Pepper Spray

1.Put your ground pepper into the mixing bowl, you can be generous with it, whatever quantity you want to add you are free. You can even mix different species of pepper to get your preferred hotness.

2. Add the alcohol slowly let it completely cover the pepper, and stir very well so it can mix together properly. 

3. Keep it in a cool dry place over night so that everything can fuse in well.

4. The next morning using a filter paper, filter it to remove any particles of the pepper to avoid it clogging your spray bottle.

5. Pour onto your spray bottle and your pepper spray is ready for use. 

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