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Here Is What Every Man Should Know About Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is cancer that occurs in the prostate and it happens to be one of the most common types of cancer in men. Many prostate cancers grow slowly and are confined to the prostate gland, where they may not cause serious harm when others can be very dangerous.

Prostate cancer may cause no signs or symptoms in its early stages but one that is more advanced comes with many signs and symptoms. So where we will be looking at some common symptoms of prostate cancer which may include:

-Bone pain

-Blood in the urine

-Erectile dysfunction

-Blood in the semen

-Losing weight

When is someone at a high risk of getting prostate cancer:

1. Old age: Your risk of prostate cancer increases as you get older over time. It's mostly common after age 50.

2. Family history: If a blood relative, such as a parent, siblings, or child, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, your risk may be increased.

3. Overweight: People who are obese may have a higher risk of prostate cancer compared with people considered to have a normal healthy weight.

How can one prevent having or manage prostate

1. Exercise regularly: Exercise improves your overall health, helps you maintain your weight, and improves your mood. Try to exercise most days of the week. If you're new to exercise, start slow and work your way up to more exercise time each day but it should be done regularly.

2. Maintain healthy body weight: If your current weight is healthy, work to maintain it by choosing a healthy diet and exercising most days of the week. If you need to lose weight, add more exercise and reduce the number of calories you eat each day.

3. Go for diets in fruits and vegetables: Eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and nutrients that can contribute to your health.

5. Eat meals that are high in vitamins: choose foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals so that you can maintain healthy levels of vitamins in your body.

6. Stop smoking: If you are a prostate cancer patient, it is advisable to quit smoking. Because smokers are always at high risk of the occurrence of prostate cancer

Source: Mayo Clinic

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