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Seven health benefits of eating pawpaw

Pawpaw is a common fruit we can find in our compounds. This fruit has a lot of health benefits if included in your foods.i will talk about many benefits of pawpaw though it use cannot be exhausted.

Weight loss: This fruit is very good for people that believe they are overweight because of its high fibre content. It has low fat and low calorie but the fibre allow you to empty your bowel easily.

Good for diabetics patient: Pawpaw contains low sugar hence it is a good food for people suffering from diabetes.

Reduce cholesterol level: the high vitamin C content and antioxidants present in carica papaya prevent building up of cholesterol in the body.

Immune Booster: immune are the soldiers that fight for the body against diseases and foreign bodies. Vitamins are required for build up of immune in the body therefore high content of vitamins in pawpaw helps in boosting your immune.

It is excellent for the eyes: antioxidants present in pawpaw serve as anti aging and it prevent degeneration. Therefore eating papaya prevent eyes problem related to old age

Prevention of cancer : Eating pawpaw is known to be good for some type of cancer especially colon and prostate cancer.

Help in digestion: Consumption of papaya aids proper digestion of other food.

Anti aging: due to antioxidants that prevent degeneration and formation of radicals in the body, pawpaw is good for anti aging.

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